X-EPIC Raised Close to $200 Million CNY in Series Pre-A and Pre-A+ Financing

Issuing time:2020-11-12 12:02

X-EPIC, a Chinese leading company in the field of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) intelligent industrial software and system, announced it closed almost 200 Million CNY in Series Pre-A and Pre-A+ round of financing. The Pre-A round financing was led by V Fund and with participation by Great Numbers and ZhenFund. The Pre-A+ round financing was led by GL Ventures, the venture capital arm of Hillhouse Capital, together with co-investment of China Fortune-Tech Capital and Green Pine Capital. The investment will supports X-EPIC’s global expension of R&D team and the integrated breakthrough of EDA and cutting-edge technologies.

The name of “X-EPIC” stands for “Accelerating EDA Pioneer Innovation Center. The company was founded in March 2020 by an ambitious global EDA elite team, committed to breaking through the current technical barriers of EDA, starting from building a full range of EDA systems for verification, and reconstructing the underlying computing architecture of the integrated circuit verification system by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as new generation algorithms, machine learning, cloud computing and high-performance hardware systems, so as to build future-oriented new generation of EDA software and systems, and empower and promote the development of the chip industry with new technologies.

“We are very pleased to share the same technological consensus and development vision with these investors. We are also very grateful to them for their trusts with our team of X-EPIC”, said Li-Bing Wang Founder and CEO of X-EPIC. “It is time to breakthrough of EDA technologies and build a complete industrial chain, while facing the market opportunity of the digital era . X-EPIC will accelerate the development of EDA verification products and systems demands for chip design.”

Visit the official website of X-EPIC to learn more www.x-epic.com/en/.

Media contact: communications@x-epic.com.

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